Nonstop Defense - Nonstop for your service dog

Non-stop Defense was established in 2021 to provide the Norwegian Armed Forces with dog equipment and arctic clothing. It has its origins in Non-stop dogwear, a company that develops, produces and sells performance equipment for active dogs and people worldwide. It started with a phone call from K9 operator Per Kristian Bruun to Non-stop dogwear. He was already using some of Non-stop dogwear's products in his free time with his hunting dogs.

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Per Kristian Bruun says, "I knew they made ergonomic and functional dog equipment of outstanding quality. When the Norwegian Defense needed dog blankets, I asked if Non-stop dogwear could produce a special edition for us. I was impressed by the positivity I received of, and the desire to adapt existing products to our needs.” The collaboration developed from there. Soon a wide range of dog equipment and also arctic clothing for humans was included. Today, Non-stop defense supplies dog equipment and arctic clothing to professional customers in several countries. Nonstop has more than 10 years of experience in developing dog equipment and extreme arctic clothing . Functionality, quality and freedom of movement are key in everything they do. Since 2009, a creative and dedicated team has turned ideas into reality from the head office in Brøttum, Norway. Nothing is left to chance when developing the equipment of the future. Product development is continuous. For Nonstop, a product is never finished. There is always room for improvement and innovation. Therefore, the close cooperation they have with professional customers is very important. You know best what your needs are, and together with Nonstop we can develop the best possible equipment - please contact us if you have ideas on equipment.

What do service dog handlers have in common with sled dogs and mushers?

Dog handlers trust their equipment. In arctic conditions, their equipment can mean the difference between life and death. As dog handlers and adventurers, the founders of Non-stop dogwear and Non-stop Defense have first-hand experience of the importance of functional, ergonomic and durable gear. A harness that chafes restricts the dog, a harness that breaks in a blizzard is not an option when the handler is miles from civilization in freezing temperatures. The same goes for clothes.

One of the reasons Nonstop Defense's collaboration with the army, police and service dogs has been successful is that you have the same needs as dog handlers. You work in the same weather conditions. You must be able to move freely. You need protection against the cold when you are lying down or standing still, while at the same time being able to adjust the temperature when you are suddenly in motion. The equipment must be durable to withstand the tough use you put it through, and equipped with the functional features you need – no more, no less. Regardless of the work, a dog and its handler work as a team. Your dog is an important resource, and deserves to be treated as such by having the best equipment available to do his job.

The people behind the company

Non-stop dogwear was founded in 2009 by Tonje Wahl Evensen, Kristoffer Grøtan Olsen, Fredrik Skjøldt and Sebastian Plur Nilssen. Together with Per Kristian Bruun, they decided to specialize in equipment for working dogs as well.
Per Kristian Bruun, who is now CEO of Non-stop Defense, comes from a 15-year career as a dog handler in the Norwegian defense.

Per Kristian Bruun says: "As a dog handler, you have a great responsibility for your dog but also for your colleagues. Their lives depend on decisions made by you and your dog. That's why it's important that you do what it takes to perform at your peak. My passion is to maximize the resource that a dog is by preparing it well, and using the right equipment at the right time.
A well-trained and well-equipped dog has enormous capacity. A dog in good physical condition will be able to search for a longer period of time, and by doing something as simple as putting on dog shoes, your dog can be operational in a much wider range of temperatures and surfaces.”