Recon K9


Recon K9, is one of the absolute leading suppliers of tactical K9 equipment in the world. They supply equipment to dogs in the police, various authorities (eg Secret Service and Homeland Security), military (including several special forces), security companies and SAR. All manufacturing takes place in the United States, with headquarters in Charlotte, NC.

The founder of Recon K9, Jason Watson, began his career in the dog world in 2006 when he started the company Dublin Dog Co. He ran it successfully and sold it in 2012 to The Remington Outdoor Co. After the sale of the company, he continued to work as responsible for K9, focusing on the police and military.

In 2015, Jason started working as a consultant at Capewell Aerial Systems, which led to him starting working as an employee there in 2016. Recon K9 today collaborates with Capewell Aerial Systems, where e.g. The K9 Parachute Jump Bag is a shining example of what they accomplish together.

Jason has since started Recon K9 2018, and continues there continuous development and specialization of tactical dog equipment with a focus on police, military, security companies and SAR. All experiences and ideas from the past have been given full space to thrive here. This is noticeable not least in the extremely high-quality harnesses, but also in the various special products that have been developed. The products are often developed through requests from users, creation of prototypes and field tests. If specialized solutions are needed, Recon K9 is quick to develop prototypes so that you can test your way to the absolute best solution for you. This of course applies to all types of users, from training & competition to SAR and the exercise of authority.

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(We are aware that there are sequences where dogs are equipped with so-called "e-collars" in the film. Working K9 Scandinavia only advocates positive methods in dog training, and does not in any way encourage the use of "e-collars". Worth noting is that these collars are often used as a summons on police dogs and attack dogs in military units in other countries, as the remote control has a long range, and it can in many cases be the only way to recall a dog that is chasing a suspect and that the dog handler has lost contact , or if the dog during hunting / burglary is inside a building and the dog handler outside. The remote control is also used to call dogs in quietly, and with minimal risk of clearing. The collars are thus rarely used in service for dressage / punishment, and are set to either vibration or as low power as possible.)

The products from Recon K9 that you see in this film are i.a.