About us

The reason why Working K9 Scandinavia was founded, was that we felt that there was missing a player who focused exclusively on Working Dogs & K9 training where only genuine quality products are offered. We ourselves have experienced and realized the benefits of great dog harnesses intended for service, as well as what a difference a good leash / rope makes, as it is something that is held in the hands for hours during long work shifts. With great equipment, it simply becomes easier and more fun - it is an opinion that we know we share with many dog handlers out there.


As dog handlers, it had also long been considered why the equipment assigned to dog handlers, regardless of service, often leaves a lot to be desired. We think that all dogs on duty should have as good equipment as possible, and in cases where it is required, protective equipment. A service dog within the police or security companies should have protection against blows, stabbing and handguns in our opinion. The dogs are our best friends and closest colleagues, they deserve the same protection against different types of violence as their human colleagues. 

We are passionate about all dogs and think it is fantastic fun with equipment that makes both the dogs and our lives better and safer.

Welcome - we hope you find something that suits your dog and yourself. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, comments or suggestions!