LOF Defence Systems

The founder of LOF Defense Systems, Darren Schulte, was close to having to redo 9th grade in school. In order to raise his grades, and be able to be promoted, he was commissioned by one of his teachers to create a scientific project. Darren created a safety vest from old backpacks. The project took him all the way to the Canadian National Science Fair where he met staff from the Canadian military. They were impressed with Darren's project and suggested that he try to create better body protection.

 The following years in "High School", he participated in several projects and fairs. He won design and engineering awards, and his work with various types of body protection and ballistics led him to later start working for the "Canadian National Research Council".

LOF Defense Systems was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Edmonton, Canada. It is a fully developed company that works with extremely high quality, which has led to them in a short time established collaborations with several police forces, Special Operations Command (SOCOM), Special Weapons and Tactics units (SWAT), and several other military units around the world.

LOF consults with, and tests its products with, various active operators, police and military personnel, to create equipment that solves problems for the user under real conditions. The goal is to protect those in the "Line Of Fire" (hence LOF) with superior protective equipment that increases safety, mobility, comfort and performance - while the equipment must be durable, durable and modular.

LOF Defense Systems manufactures all equipment to order. Therefore, the lead times are long, the ambition is currently to be able to send ordered products from the factory within 90 days. They work continuously to increase the speed of their processes and keep certain products in stock. We anticipate that delivery times will be faster in the future.

See the film at the bottom of the page which shows how technically advanced and quality-assured LOF's production is. Here a part is made into a body protection for humans, the manufacture of StreetFighter and other products for dogs is manufactured in the same way - with the same high precision.

Watch the movie that tells the story of how and why StreetFighter came about!
(We are aware that there are sequences where dogs are equipped with so-called "e-collars" in the film. Working K9 Scandinavia only advocates positive methods in dog training, and does not in any way encourage the use of "e-collars". Worth noting is that these collars are often used as a summons on police dogs and attack dogs in military units in other countries, as the remote control has a long range, and it can in many cases be the only way to recall a dog that is chasing a suspect and that the dog handler has lost contact , or if the dog during hunting / burglary is inside a building and the dog handler outside. The remote control is also used to call dogs in quietly, and with minimal risk of clearing. The collars are thus rarely used in service for dressage / punishment, and are set to either vibration or as low power as possible.)

The products from the LOF Defense System that you see in this film are i.a.