Getxent scent cylinders - for your own imprinting
Getxent scent cylinders - for your own imprinting
Getxent scent cylinders - for your own imprinting
Getxent scent cylinders - for your own imprinting

Getxent scent cylinders - for your own imprinting

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Training aids for defection dogs

The patented technology (WO2018206808) in the Getxent scent cylinder provides a safe and effective way to train search dogs under real conditions. These cylinders absorb all the scent molecules from a target scent and release them continuously for up to six months, allowing for long-term training. Since the cylinders are odorless and only release the trapped molecules, they can be safely used in public places without any harmful substances.

Getxent scent cylinders are already used in various fields for dog training and handler training, including health, environment, defense, for disease diagnosis, species detection, detection of explosives, narcotics and doping agents and more.



  • Effective for training search dogs under real conditions.
  • Absorbs scent molecules from a target scent.
  • Releases trapped molecules continuously for up to 6 months.
  • Odor neutral and releases only trapped molecules, making it safe for use in public environments.
  • Can be used to train dogs to detect a wide range of target scents - only your creativity sets the limits of what you can teach your dog to indicate.
  • Patented technology based on an innovative polymer.



  • Neutral Getxent cylinders ready to be imprinted with your target scent.
  • Cylinder dimensions: 8x35 mm / 0.3x1.4 inch.
  • Cylinder weight: 0.93 g / 0.002 lbs
  • Shelf life: 36 months

Areas of use


The Getxent cylinder is a unique training aid that makes it possible to detect diseases with the help of dogs. The material absorbs molecules related to a disease, either from liquid (eg urine) or gas (eg breath). In addition, Getxent cylinders are also used to analyze volatile organic compounds (VOC) with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). Getxent cylinders are already used to detect: COVID-19, Clostridioides difficile , cancer, various infectious diseases, etc.


The Getxent scent cylinder represents a ground-breaking innovation for training dogs to detect endangered animals, invasive species and plants. The Getxent cylinder provides the opportunity to store the scents for several months. Already used to detect: bedbugs, turtle nests, foulbrood (bee disease), various viruses, etc.


The Getxent cylinder can absorb all target odors without harmful substances, and is ideal for use in public environments (airports, trains, schools, playgrounds, etc.). This advantage makes the Getxent cylinder an extremely effective tool for training with search dogs. By increasing the impregnation time, the Getxent cylinder allows large amounts of real material to be reproduced. Already used to detect: explosives, biological material, electronic equipment, etc.

Forensics / criminal investigation

Scent analysis can be used to link suspects to a crime scene or to determine the presence of specific chemicals associated with a crime (eg explosives or drugs). Also used to detect e.g. blood and semen.

Fire investigations can benefit from analysis of flammable materials & liquids, as different substances leave behind distinctive odors that can help identify the nature and origin of a fire. Thanks to their high capacity to collect odors, Getxent cylinders are an important tool for capturing VOCs at a crime scene. Already used to detect possible materials and liquids used to start, or accelerate the course of an arson fire, etc.
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Getxent scent cylinders - for your own imprinting

Getxent scent cylinders - for your own imprinting

Regular price 2 999 SEK
Regular price 2 999 SEK Sale price 2 999 SEK

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