Recon K9 Expands into Scandinavia!

Recon K9 Expands into Scandinavia!

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Recon K9 is very proud to announce our expansion into the Scandinavian market with our newest distributor “Working K9 Scandinavia”. Under the leadership of Patric Cramlöv, Working K9 Scandinavia will represent the entire Recon product line to Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

 Cramlöv’s focus is on all working dogs with an emphasis on MWD’s, Law Enforcement, Security, and Search and Rescue.  While traditional ring sports are quite popular in Scandinavia, access to quality tactical K9 equipment is more limited.

Recon K9 DaggerBoth the Operator and the Dagger tactical K9 vests have already been well adopted in the market with various special operation groups. Through on-site demonstrations, various exhibitions, and their brand new website, WK9S will begin to expand their focus into the broader law enforcement market. One key weapon in that expansion will be Recon’s newest tactical vest addition, the DermalTac. The DermalTac is a concept vest that is lighter, stronger, and eliminates all zippers from the vest, leaving it sleek, lighter, with less opportunities to be compromised downrange. The brand new offering, which should be released before the end of the year will have two versions, the Alpha which should be released before the end of the year will have two versions, the Alpha which incorporates an ultralight, ultra-durable laminate material, and the Bravo, which incorporates a more budget friendly Cordura. This K9 “Second Skin” will allow handlers to magnetically attach ballistics, floatation, and even cold gel packs to the vest in a snap, literally. Working K9 Scandinavia will be the first location internationally to get access to this brand new vest and will begin taking pre-orders on the vest in November.
Recon K9 DermalTac Alpha

Cramlöv stated, “We’ve very excited to be able to offer the Scandinavian market the Recon K9 product line. We’ve been fans of this equipment for some time and are pleased to have been chosen to represent the line to our handlers. The quality and construction of this K9 equipment gives us confidence that it will set a new bar of excellence throughout our territory.” Patric and his team are putting the final touches on their website and infrastructure while slowing building out their Recon K9 product offering. The primary kit that is being imported initially will be the vests, like the Operator, Dagger, Whisper, Sentinel, and ballistics. However some of the more specialized equipment, like the Recon Parachute jump bag will also be in their rotation, along with more commodity type accessories like the Daisy Chain, and plate carrier stuff pouches. Full operations with Working K9 Scandinavia should commence during the first of November.

On behalf of the entire Recon K9 team, we welcome Working K9 Scandinavia to the family and thank them for their support in this brand new market. Skål!