Valhall K9 International


Valhall [vahl-hahl] K-9 International is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that provides working canines to government, law enforcement, security, and private agencies around the globe.

Our hand-selected canines are meticulously tested for the appropriate drives and temperament needed to make exceptional working dogs. Valhall K-9’s proprietary training program is one of the industry’s most demanding and comprehensive training regimens.

All of the canines trained by us are socialized and introduced to obedience, controlled aggression, and hunting in all environments and conditions. Many of our canines then go on to receive specialized and unconventional training in disciplines such as crowd dispersion, riot control, close quarters combat, airborne and air assault K-9 operations, water insertions, etc. according to the customers’ needs.

The end product is a solid and dependable working canine that is ready and willing to eagerly and efficiently accomplish any task or mission.